Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Discovery And Adventure - The University Start!

How exciting! The first blog post here. Hi there!:)

I should be introducing myself at this point in time. .....I am a university student living in Brighton, love photography and have a brother and a sister,.....Zzzzzz.... I am not gonna go down that route. I rather reveal more about who I am properly throughout the blogging process. However, if you can't wait for it (for whatever reasons) read up on me in the"about me" section. :)

Let's get started and give you a great insight into uni life and other important things that you need to know. What makes those insights so cool??? You get unique and real information from a student-ME! So, I will be d-a-m-n honest! OOPS!

That's the situation: 
You have applied for various universities; you have received a few offers and you decided to go to the one based in Brighton, East Sussex.
Well, congratulations! 

One thing is sure.....you have just decided to study in a friendly, creative, vibrant and dynamic environment with a lot of opportunities for your self-development and education.

Great times are ahead. I better give you some tips and tricks in how to get started and how to get the most of your new life! 

Follow these easy steps and you will be living the dream:

Step1: Use the first weeks in uni to socialise (as much as possible, while you still can)!
This is essential if you want to make friends in your new environment. Get yourself out there. Don't worry if you are more of a quiet and shy person. Usually there will be introductory sessions and events in the evening that everyone attends. This makes it easier to connect with others and you will see that you soon find your classmates/flatmates introducing you to some people you haven't known before. 
So make sure you attend all events if you don't want to miss out!

Step 2: Sign up for uni societies or clubs.
An easy way to get to know new people is to join a society or a club. 
This gives you the advantage of meeting people with the same  interests like you. Additionally, you could start a new hobby and try out a new sport that you may have not done before. Be experiential! Don't forget...the first weeks are the most important ones!!!!

You may as well check out the Student Union website for more activities and infos:

Step 3: Discover Brighton!
Don't get stuck in your room while there is so much to see. Go and explore your new environment! This could be a real adventure. Brighton has a lot to offer and many beautiful hidden and unique places that you may enjoy. Here are some of my favourites (please add your favourites too!!!)

This is it for now.
Hope you enjoyed my first little post and guidance for Brighton uni life. You are welcome to leave comments and feedback!
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