Saturday, 16 April 2011

Chocolate Chocolate and Chocolate!!! The Chocolate Festival in Brighton!!!!

Brighton a town that loves to host and organise little festivals here and there.
This weekend (16-17 April 2011) a beautiful and definitely one of my favourite festivals is the CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL.

If you are a chocolate fan then you have to go there. Last chance is tomorrow (Sunday).
As you can see on the picture above they do not sell normal chocolate but rather have some different forms,structure, and flavours.

One of my favourites was the RAW CHOCOLATE. That was amazing! It does not contain sugar or dairy. Sounds boring ??? NOT AT ALL! Delicious chocolate that gives you a real taste of Cocoa the chocolate fruit.
This is what is said about it by RawLiving :

The cacao bean is what all chocolate is made from. We take the finest quality cacao and add it to healthy fats, low-glycaemic sweeteners, and medicinal doses of superfoods to create the most ridiculously wonderful chocolate you can imagine. We were the first people to make raw chocolate bars in the world, and we think you’ll taste the difference. 

Check their page for more information Raw Living.

There are also other delicious sweet products. For example, very big apple strudels, chocolate/ almond twirls etc.

So if you need a break of your studies this festival gives you a great opportunity to socialise, get some fresh air and sweeten your tooth with quality and innovative products.

The festival is located in New Road, Brighton close to the Brighton Dome and the Royal Pavillion. Here is a map that helps you to find it:

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