Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lectures but u have this very cheap flight...

You probably have had the situation before, where you have finally the money to travel but no time because your lecture clashes with a cheap travel opportunity.

Don't worry there is always a solution and a way.:)

Try and book a flight/train/coach ticket for the night times OR early mornings. Those times are always cheaper and you could safe time by traveling during the night/early mornings without missing any lectures.

From Brighton offers a great service. Nonstop to Stansted airport for example (1am leave). It gets you to London Stansted on time for the early flights.

Another cheap bus company is
If you book tickets in advance you even can get prices like £2 oneway.

If you want to book a train go and  check BUT don't book through them. Look up which traincompany you want to use (e.g. Southern Railway ) and go directly to their company page. You will see that they have even cheaper tickets!

Extra info about train travel
If you find out that you are a frequent train user buy and get your 16-25 Railcard. This gives you the chance to save 1/3 of the usual travel fee. I got one myself and I renewed the railcard 3 times (valid always for a year). It makes sense to get it if you are a frequent traveler. Even a short journey from Brighton to London makes it worth it.

So as you can see it is all manageable.
Right now I am  on the bus myself and I even had time to meet up with friends beforehand for a couple of "after-uni-group-work-drinks".

Try it yourself!

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